The Nature of Cities

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“The Nature Of Cities” explores both the nature in are own backyards – Austin and San Diego – and the possibilities in projects of cities of the future – Malmo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Freiburg, Amsterdam and Paris.

The film features Sustainable Communities professor Timothy Beatley as he tours these places with City Planners, Landscape Architects, Ecologists and Residents.

Commentary by Richard Louv (Last Child in the Woods) and Dr. Stephen Kellert (Biophilic Design) provide the background for looking at the living possibilities of how we can be in an urban environment integrated with the nature around us.

Informations techniques et droits d'auteurs...

Réalisation: Tim Beatley, Chuck Davis
Scénario: Tim Beatley, Chuck Davis
Production: Throughline Production
Acteurs: Richard Louv, Stephen Kellert, Tim Beatley
Année: 2010
Durée: 39 minutes
Langue (audio): anglais
World Rights: Throughline Productions


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