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Man is the only creature that produces landfills. Natural resources are being depleted on a rapid scale while production and consumption are rising in nations like China and India.

Waste production worldwide is enormous and if we do not do anything, we will soon have turned our entire planet into one big messy landfill. But there is hope.

“Cradle to cradle” manufacturing and building is a revolutionary concept advocated by German chemist Michael Braungart and the American designer-architect William McDonough. This theory argues that manufacturers' products, when discarded, should either be completely recyclable in the Technosphere or become biodegradable food for the Biosphere.

While fundamentally changing the way we produce and build, these ideas are increasingly being embraced by major corporations and governments worldwide.

Autres critiques...

“An exciting introduction to the work of American architect/designer William McDonough and German ecological chemist Michael Braungart, who may well be starting a new industrial revolution.” — The Flaming Grasshopper

“Well-written… This documentary will be of interest to environmentalists, social scientists, chemists, architects and business people. McDonough and Braungart demonstrate how the 'what if' questions and the resolve to do more than just 'sustain' the environment lead to very creative, efficient and effective ways to eradicate waste.” — Janis Tyhurst, Educational Media Reviews Online

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Réalisation: Rob van Hattum
Production: Madeleine Somer, Karin Spiegel
Acteurs: Albin Colin, William McDonough, Michael Braungart, John Hoke, Andy Lock, Paul Murray, Timothy O’Brien, Bill Ford, Ding Shufeng
Pays: Pays-Bas
Lieux de tournage: Allemagne, Chine, Suisse, USA
Année: 2007
Durée 50 minutes
Langue (Audio): Anglais
Titre original: Waste = Food


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