Free DVDs and Cinema for Students and Teachers

Twice a year, Films for the Earth hands out free DVDs to almost 1000 schools, so in an entertaining and thrilling way the students can be given an understanding of important sustainability topics, especially of ecological nature.

We also invite every year around 3000 students to the “Filme für die Erde Festivals”, organized in 10 to 15 different cities at the same day. There we show and distribute movies for secondary school students.

Therefore we often work hand in hand with education partners as f.e. and

Films for the Earth focusses on high quality movies that move and inspire, pass on knowledge and offer a cinematic experience. The perfect way to give variety to the students or to upgrade you own education.

To a lot of movies you can find equal school material from different organizations on our website (check the movie pages), but the movies are not prepared in any didactic way.

A big assortment of movies that are didactically edited for classes and/or teaching material you can find here:

éducation21 / Filme für eine Welt

If you want to support the maintenance of our school project in Switzerland and to receive 3 to 4 times a year additional DVDs, become a member of the association Films for the Earth and an ambassador in our network – thank you! (only accessible in european countries and in german language till now)