Planet Earth

All life on earth is connected.

The beauty and variety of nature around the world is breathtaking, as even under hardest conditions, life can be found. But life on earth is at a sensitive equilibrium. The extinction of one species can lead to consequences a lot of other species, including humans, have to bear. Because not only do all living creatures share some characteristics but they also influence habitat, ecosystems as well as climate.

"The earth is wide enough for all." - Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller

Our Film Tips on "Planet Earth"

Cover Racing Extinction

Racing Extinction

Nowadays the extinctino of species is a a process most peaple are aware of. Stil this is the only movie we know of so far, that adresses this subject with moden technologies, visualizing the acidification of ocans as well as CO2 and methan emissions. Feature Film for the Erde Festival 2016.
Cover Seasons


Seasons takes us on a journey though Europe and millennia. It show how the seasons influenced our landscape and all its inhabitants in a wonderful way with amazing pictures.
Cover Once upon a forest

Once upon a forest

Without trees and their produced oxygen there would be no animals. But this movie reveals some other fascinating facets of trees and tropical forests. Or did you know that trees can communicate through smell?
Cover Home


Yann Arthus-Bertrands amazing pictures of the earth as well as the nicely shown ecological network of interactions make this movie a very suitable tool to access the topic sustainability.
Cover Earth


This movie takes you on a journey from the Arctica across the Tundra, Taiga, the Equator and the Kalahari Desert, across the ocean as far as Antarctica. Thereby it shows the beauty and diversity on this planet with a lot of very impressive pictures.
Cover Baraka


Baraka is a silent movie, not using any terms but overwhelming pictures. Ron Fricke shows live on Earth from different perspecitves with a soothing effect on your soul.
Cover Revolution


Rob Stewart links global warming and the acidification of the oceans together. A total loss of life in the oceans might be a possibility in 20 years by now. Feature Movie for the Filme für die Erde Festival 2013.
Cover Earthlings


A documentary broaching the issue of the dependency of humans and animals - adressing the subjects pets, food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research. Good but hard to watch. Absolut reality but nothing for the faint-hearted.
Cover Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II

From terrifying to extremly cute and most miraculous, Planet Earth II surpasses all previous BBC docs. The episode about animal life in cities is truly unique.

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How Whales change Climate

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How Wolves change Rivers

Alan Watts - The Interconnectedness

Alan Watts - The Interconnectedness

Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Engine

Green Economy - a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Green Economy - a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Editorial Responsibility on "Planet Earth"

Melanie Aeschbach is totally in love with our planet Earth. Therefore she studied Biology at the University of Zürich and is currently also working on the teaching diploma that will allow her to educate high school students about biology. Do'nt hesitate to contact me via Mail, if you have any inputs and/or know other movies that would fit into this theme!