Permaculture is the creation of ecosystems that - without the external input of water, nutritients or energy - offer a sustainable habitat for humans and animals.

Permaculture is the practice of combining trees, bushes and vegatables in such a way that a greater variety of biodiversity is created that is self-sustaining. The industrial agriculture of today is based on heavy oil powered machines, chemical pesticides and fertilizers such as phosporus and potash, all finite ressources that will become scarce the next decades. All the while, harming soil quality, water streams, biodiversity and climate. Today a few people in the countryside produce the food for everybody in the cities who have lost their connection to the land. There is a better way: Permaculture produces 3 to 4 times as much as industrial agriculture, GMO's. Co. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Urban Agriculture and Permaculture are the future - and not to mention beautiful.

"Relatively self-reliant households are the basic building block of any culture that is viable over the long term without requiring war (stealing of resources) to sustain itself." - Ben Falk

Our Film Tips on "Permaculture"

Cover Inhabit


Inhabit is ground-breaking work about permaculture and shows city, suburban and countryside projects. Systematically, it presents all of the important design principles: water and energy storage, stacking functions, borders and soil regeneration. All this with an impressive camera and drone work.
Cover Growing Cities

Growing Cities

Growing Cities portrays the pioneers in cities and suburban areas that challenge they way we produce food. A film that inspires you to get your hands dirty.
Cover Green Gold

Green Gold

Dilapidated and extinct ecosystems can be regenerated. Green Gold shows by example of the work of John D. Liu, how he rebuilds a deserted valley into an oasis. Free online streaming.
Cover The Real Dirt on Farmer John

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

Crazy or inspirational? Farmer John founded one of the first community supported agriculture projects after his family-farm ran up too many debts. Resisted at first by the local community, it brought many positive things to the area.
Cover Seeds of Permaculture

Seeds of Permaculture

Permaculture works in the tropics too. With footage from beautiful Thailand, we see permaculture principles around water, toilets, food forest, ovens and community. Free online streaming.
Cover Les moissons de futur

Les moissons de futur

Permaculture is not a new concept but rather how agriculture has works for tens of thousands of years. A dozen examples from all continents shows mixed crops, closed nutrition systems and food forests.
Cover Garbage Warrior

Garbage Warrior

Mix perseverance, courage and skill with cans, tires, bottles and a lot of manual-labour. What you get is electricity, warmth and water independent housing called "Earthships". Free online streaming.

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The Most Exciting Clips on "Permaculture"

Geoff Lawtons Inspirations

Geoff Lawtons Inspirations

Bill Mollison - In Grave Danger of Falling Food

Bill Mollison - In Grave Danger of Falling Food

Ben Falk on "Good Design"

Ben Falk on "Good Design"

Ben Falk: 10 Years In A Cold Climate: Resilience & Regeneration. Principles in Practice

Ben Falk: 10 Years In A Cold Climate: Resilience & Regeneration. Principles in Practice

How Willie Smits regenerates a rain forest

How Willie Smits regenerates a rain forest

Farming the Sea: Ocean Permaculture

One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts