Sonic Sea

Sound. Song. Survival.

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Everywhere on Earth we can hear the songs of life. From small insects to the largest animals on the planet, our world is made up of the sounds of these creatures living and communicating with one another. This is even more apparent deep down in the darkness of the sea, where whales and other marine life depend on sound to mate, find food, migrate, raise their young and defend against predators. Yet, their symphony of life is being disrupted by the industrialized noise that has become commonplace in our oceans today – with tragic and deadly costs.

“Sonic Sea” travels beneath the ocean's surface to uncover the damaging consequences of increased ocean noise pollution and what can be done to stop it. Narrated by Academy Award-nominated actress Rachel McAdams and featuring interviews with marine ecologists, ocean life experts, and wildlife activists, including Grammy-Award winning musician, human rights and environmental activist Sting, “Sonic Sea” highlights how noise from a range of man-made sources has affected whales in recent years, including the mass stranding of whales around the planet. The film uncovers how better ship design, speed limits for large ships, quieter methods for underwater resource exploration, and exclusion zones for sonar training can work to reduce the noise in our oceans and stop the deaths of our ocean's beloved creatures, as long as society has “the political will to solve it.”

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“For marine mammals, using sound to communicate, and to see (echolocate), is invaluable. But this dependence by marine mammals on underwater sound is now a trap; they have nowhere to escape the increasing underwater noise.” – The Conversation

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Director: Michelle Dougherty, Daniel Hinerfeld
Script: Mark Monroe
Producer: Natural Resources Defense Council, Imaginary Forces
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Run Time: 56 min
Language (Audio): English
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