Natural resources are essential for economic activity and the quality of life enjoyed in the West. Virtually every product in our daily life relies on or consists of one or more natural resources, which were extracted from the Earth by intense industry. The mining of these resources can lead to a huge impact on environmental, social and health issues.

Concerns about the scarcity of resources such as oil, are not new. Foreign dependence on oil and gas is a dominant theme in most developed governments, however, the advent of the Information Age has opened up new concerns over a great variety of resources. The exponential demand for electronic devices also increases the demand for an ever-wider range of metallic or non-metallic minerals and supplies. In addition to concerns over resource depletion, concerns have been growing over "resource nationalism“, a concept that describes the tendency of governments to assert control over natural resources in their territory and to push out global corporations.

What kind of impact of mining can have will been showed in diverse films in this rubric.

"Be the change that you want to see in the World" - Mahatma Gandhi

Our Film Tips on "Mining"

Cover Sand Wars

Sand Wars

Most people know sand is found at the beach, what they do not realize is that sand is absolutely everywhere in modern cities and is a central resource with a booming industry. Sand Wars shows with impressive footage the impact of sand extraction and offers sustainable alternatives.
Cover Manufactured Landscapes

Manufactured Landscapes

A picture says a thousand words. The photographer, Edward Burtynsky, shows in his movie the impact of the industrial revolution on the landscapes with beautiful visuals.
Cover Dirty Gold War

Dirty Gold War

All that glitters is not gold. Dirty Gold War goes behind the scenes of this industry and shows the environmental and social impacts of the mining in the rich biodiverse regions of Latin America.
Cover The age of Aluminium

The age of Aluminium

The possibilities of aluminium are endless! This film shows the negative impacts of extraction, processing and use of this "miracle metal". Stream the film here for free!

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Let's talk about Sand (Denis Delestrac Sand Wars)

Let's talk about Sand (Denis Delestrac Sand Wars)

Mother of all River (Mill Valley Film Group)

Editorial Responsibility on "Mining"

For an internship I spend 3 months in India. To see and feel the environmental damage personally was a formative experience. The time in India had a huge impact on me and made me aware of the importance of a sustainable handling of our resources, environmental protection and sustainable development. Films that sensitize and educate on these topics are important to bring them closer to a wide audience. For this reason I get involved for films for the earth.

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