Natural resources were and are essential inputs for economic activity and our quality of life. Almost every product in our daily life relies on or consists of natural resources and industry provides us with these products. The mining of these resources can lead to a high impact on environmental, social and health issues.

Worries about scarcity of resources such as oil or other resources are not new. While the issue of foreign dependence on oil and gas is a dominate theme, the advent of the Information Age has brought with it new concerns over many other types of resources. The demand for newer electronic equipment also increases the demand for an ever-wider range of metallic and non-metallic minerals such as rare earths. In addition to concerns over resource depletion, concerns have been growing over „resource nationalism“, a concept that describes deliberate resource availability constraints created due to political reasons by resource rich (exporting) countries.

What kind of impact of mining can have will been showed in diverse films in this rubric.

"Be the change that you want to see in the World" Mahatma Gandhi

Our Film Tips on "Mining"

Cover Sand Wars

Sand Wars

Sand is not just something that we enjoy at the beach in our holidays. Sand is a central resource in our modern world. Sand Wars shows with impressive pictures the impact of mining and sustainable alternatives.
Cover Manufactured Landscapes

Manufactured Landscapes

Pictures can say more than words! The photograph Burtynskys shows in his movie the influence of the industrial revolution on the landscapes with impressive pictures.
Cover Dirty Gold War

Dirty Gold War

Gold is shiny and we like to wear it as a piece of jewelry. Dirty Gold War looks behind the scenes of this industry and shows off the environmental and social impacts of the mining.
Cover The age of aluminium

The age of aluminium

Due to the many possibilities of use and the positive properties, aluminum takes a huge part in our everyday life. With stirring pictures, the film shows the downsides during extraction, processing and use of the "miracle metal". Now, view the movie for free!

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The Most Exciting Clips on "Mining"

Let's talk about Sand (Denis Delestrac Sand Wars)

Let's talk about Sand (Denis Delestrac Sand Wars)

Mother of all River (Mill Valley Film Group)

Editorial Responsibility on "Mining"

For an internship I spend 3 months in India. To see and feel the environmental damage personally was a formative experience. The time in India had a huge impact on me and made me aware of the importance of a sustainable handling of our resources, environmental protection and sustainable development. Films that sensitize and educate on these topics are important to bring them closer to a wide audience. For this reason I get involved for films for the earth.

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