Waste Land

What happens in the world's largest trash city will transform you.

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Official film description...

Filmed over nearly three years, WASTE LAND follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys from his home base in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world's largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. There he photographs an eclectic band of “catadores” — or self-designated pickers of recyclable materials. Muniz's initial objective was to “paint” the catadores with garbage.

However, his collaboration with these inspiring characters as they recreate photographic images of themselves out of garbage reveals both the dignity and despair of the catadores as they begin to re-imagine their lives. Walker (Devil's Playground, Blindsight, Countdown to Zero) has great access to the entire process and, in the end, offers stirring evidence of the transformative power of art and the alchemy of the human spirit.

Notes on the film...

WASTE LAND is suitable for major events and appeals to a broad audience, including environmentalists, art enthusiasts, Brazil fans and people with an interest in Third World countries. It can also be used with secondary school students. It addresses a variety of topics and gives an impressive picture of the power exerted through the convictions of individuals and the collaboration of many people.

Further reviews...

“…the Slumdog Millionaire of documentaries: an inspiring, deeply moving crowd-pleaser.” – Huffington Post

Waste Land is a must-see PBS-style Cinderella story with true grit, a brilliant cast and an improbably big heart.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

“The moment when one thing turns into another is the most beautiful moment. A combination of sounds turns into music. And this applies to everything.” – Vik Muniz, Waste Land

Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 27 wins & 10 nominations.
IMDb User-Rating: 7.9/10
Metascore Critics Rating: 78/100
Rotten Tomatoes User Rating: 8.1/10

Technical information and screening rights...

Director: Lucy Walker, João Jardim and Karen Harley
Filmmusic: Moby
Country: UK / Brazil
Year: 2010
Run Time: 1h 39min
Language (Audio): Portuguese, English
Language (Subtitles): German, French
Movie rights Switzerland: Praesens Film
Performing rights international: eOne Films International

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