Around the World with the Sun

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The story of an epic, 18-month adventure that spans the globe in a home-made car powered exclusively by the sun. Louis Palmer and Solartaxi meet princes, movie stars, politicians and scientists, but most importantly they encounter ordinary people and show them that locomotion using only the power of the sun is possible.

Notes on the film...

received numerous awards:

KRAKAU Filmfestival
GREEN FILM Festival Seoul
CINE ECO Portugal
ONE World Filmfestival Prag
ENERGY FILM Festival Lausanne

Louis Palmer was awarded the European Solar Prize and Champions of the Earth for his achievements.

Further reviews...

“When the whole world talks about climate change, it’s time to show the solutions. If you wanna know how one of these solutions is on the road for one and a half years with 6 square meters of solar power on its back, watch this film.”
- Louis Palmer

IMDb User-Rating: 7.5/10

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Director: Erik Schmitt
Actors: Louis Palmer
Release Date: 2012
Run Time: 68 minutes
Language (Audio): English
Language (Subtitles): English

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Car Climate Courage Renewables


entertainment value

scientificity+ journalistic quality

Transfer of a momentum

Picture, music, craftsmanship

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