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The ground in Paraguay is perfect for the cultivation of soy. In recent years, countless acres of forest have been chopped down to make room for the growing of this protein-rich bean. The land of a farmer named Geronimo is now completely surrounded by soy plantations. These are generously sprayed with pesticides – poison that only the genetically modified soy plants are immune to. Unfortunately, the pesticides spread farther than the boundaries of the soy fields. So not only is there less and less land for the campesinos, or local farmers like Geronimo, but it also becomes impossible for them to cultivate healthy crops themselves.

In “Raising Resistance”, Bettina Borgfeld and David Bernet capture the campesinos as they revolt against the enormous soy business in their country. Led by the ever-friendly Geronimo, they squat a section of farmland, try to stop the spraying of pesticides, and make their voices heard in the media. The filmmakers also give the floor to the large landowners.

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Directors: Bettina Borgfeld, David Bernet
Production: Arte, Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduction, Maximage GmbH, Pandora Filmproduktion
SRG SSR idée suisse, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)
Year: 2011
Run Time: 84 minutes
Language (Audio): Spanish, Guarani, Portuguese, English
Language (Subtitles): English

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