Scientists under Attack

Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money

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When scientist Arpad Pusztai reported that genetically modified (GM) foods caused serious health problems in rats, he was a hero at his prestigious UK institute — for two days. But after two phone calls (apparently) from the Prime Minister's office, he was fired, gagged, and mercilessly attacked. When UC Berkely professor Ignacio Chapela discovered GM corn contamination in Mexico, he too faced a firestorm of distortion and denial that left him struggling to salvage his career. Find out how the biotech industry “engineers” the truth and what they are trying to hide from you.

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“Disturbing and well argued.” – OX DOX – Festival

“Very controversial, intruiging and provocative.” – Galloping Films

“Amazing film, folks were blown away. Big crowd, we ran out of seats. Thank you so much for letting us screen the film.” – Film council Greater Columbus, OHIO

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Director: Bertram Verhaag
Screenplay: Bertram Verhaag
Year: 2010
Run Time: 88 minutes
Language (Audio): German, English, French

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