Genetic Engineering + Seeds

Whoever patents seeds has control over the entire food production right from the onset.

Therefore it is not surprising that pesticide and fertilizer companies got in to the seed business, submitted patents and battle for predominance on the global market.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) spread out through reproduction; they mix with other species and can eliminate the traditional seed varieties forever. It has been proven that the cultivation of genetically modified types need more pesticides and fertilizers, are less resistant and are less profitable than the local breeds. On top of that, GMO seeds need to be bought annually.

There are hundreds of reports and observations about health problems related to the cultivation and consumption of GMO, as well as the contamination of water and the endangerment of bees. Activists, scientists and farmers have been fighting for 30 years against the intensive lobbying and the false promises of the GMO-giants.

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"The beauty of seed is that out of one you can get millions. And that's an economics of abundance. [...] The economics and technology of hybridization, of genetic modification is a deliberate creation of scarcity." - Vandana Shiva

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Cover Code of Survival

Code of Survival

An unique work in its analysis of soil fertility, promoting organic agriculture vs. super resistant weeds. Witness animal diseases and loss of species due to genetic engineering. Moving and positive!
Cover Seeds of Time

Seeds of Time

Since 1903, 93% of all seed types have disappeared due to excessive and aggressive agriculture. Cary Fowler races against the clock to avert the food security catastrophe that threatens the future of people on this planet. The most comprehensive film on the subject of seeds.
Cover Seed Warriors

Seed Warriors

Genetically engineered monopoles and global warming continue to threaten global biodiversity. Seed warriors show an impressive attempt to secure seeds in the everlasting ice and in the eternally dry regions of Kenya.
Cover Scientists under Attack

Scientists under Attack

Affected scientists prove, how the majority of bioengineering research is being conducted and paid for by the industry. This film shows the dangers of democracy and propaganda.
Cover Life running out of control

Life running out of control

Bertram Verhaag's movie is a classic in the genre of the bioengineering films. This film assembles the most significant topics in this subject: farmers committing suicide in India, genetically modified animals, mobbing of critical scientists, laws suits against organic farmers.
Cover The World According to Monsanto

The World According to Monsanto

Marie-Monique Robin has researched extensively into the dark side of Monsanto, the largest genetic engendering- cooperation in the world next to Syngenta and Bayer.
Cover The Future of Food

The Future of Food

This movie shows the technological process of GMO and the problems related to patenting and lobbying. In the conclusion, it focusses on the alternative option of organic farming and community based agriculture.
Cover Genetic Roulette

Genetic Roulette

Are genetically modified foods responsible for diseases, infertility and allergies? This documentary brings together a shocking amount of reports, studies and interviews of affected individuals.

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INSECT RESPECT - Little Giants

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Greenpeace: Genetic engineering

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