The Real Price of Shipping

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Today’s postindustrial economies are marked by a heavily declined manufacturing sector. 90% of everything we consume comes from overseas; the sea freight industry controls 95% of all products shipped on the planet. What is the real price of shipping? Who are the key players of this global industry? And overall, what is its impact on our lives and on the environment?

FREIGHTENED takes us behind the scenes to reveal the mechanics and perils of an all-but-visible industry that holds the key to our economy and the very model of our civilization.

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Why are the transportation costs of a t-shirt less than a subway ticket? Some numbers from FREIGHTENED we have to share:

90% of all goods are transported by ships. Sailors have 100 hour work weeks. Many ship catastrophies happen trough sleep deprivation and bad ship maintenance. The ships are fuel with waste oil, stuff more dirty and heavy then crude oil. Oi transports happen only in old and badly maintained ships. Todays freight ship has the same sulphur emission as 50 million cars (!). There are 60'000 such ships.The freight shipping is responsible for 4% of climate gas emissions, air pollution, invasive species, millions of liters of toxins and widespread underwater noise.

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Director: Denis Delestrac
Year: 2016
Duration: 83 min (short version 52 min)
A Co-Production of Polar Star Films, La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse, SWR/NDR, Aljazeera Documentary Channel
Swiss Premiere: 23.9.2016 Films for the Earth Festival
The Movie is not available yet.

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