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Official film description...

Today’s postindustrial economies are marked by a heavily declined manufacturing sector. 90% of everything we consume comes from overseas; the sea freight industry controls 95% of all products shipped on the planet. What is the real price of shipping? Who are the key players of this global industry? And overall, what is its impact on our lives and on the environment?

“Freightened“ takes us behind the scenes to reveal the mechanics and perils of an all-but-visible industry that holds the key to our economy and the very model of our civilization.

Notes on the film...

The strength and potential of the film lies in showing a dimension of global transport, which has never been revealed before to a broad public. It shows various aspects of the topic, such as animal life, noise emissions, working conditions, crime, global laws and regulations as well as the danger of anonymous transport. Therefore “Freightened“ strongly inspires to reflect.

Interesting facts: 90% of the consumer goods are shipped. Today the sulfur emission of one cargo ship equals the likes of 50 million cars. 60’000 such ships travel around the globe.

Rating from our film jury...

Selected for Films of the Earth Festival 2016.

“Freightened“ shows with excellent quality a hitherto little-documented topic of high relevance.
The director convinces in demonstrating holistic connectedness in regard to various perspectives. Thus he is able to establish a reference to the basis of live as well as to ones own life. Besides drawbacks for humans and the environment some improvements are pointed out, too, although limited.

“Freightened“ is an intelligent film which, with knowledge and many specific examples, succeeds in showing the impact of mankind on the earth. However, the film stimulates only in a limited way willingness to act or arouse emotions.

Designed in a careful thought-out way with exciting dramaturgy, well selected pictures and remarkable camera work “Freightened“ convinces from a film technology point of view.

Technical information and screening rights...

Original title: Cargos – Le face cachée du fret
Director: Denis Delestrac
Production: Polar Star Films, La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse, SWR/NDR, Aljazeera Documentary Channel
Year: 2016
Duration: 83 minutes (English version)
Language (Audio): Englisch, French, German
World rights: About Premium Content

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