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The Energy Rebellion

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Official film description...

Germany faces the biggest structural reform since the beginning of the industrial age. “Power to Change – The EnergyRebellion” is the cinematic experience and exploration of this millennium challenge.

This is the story of a quest – a search, in which questions are raised and answers found.
What does the energy turnaround mean for us?
What are the economic, ecological and social implications?
What are the challenges and risks?
What is at stake and what is the price?

The film will show the conflict over an energy revolution, which began as a grassroots movement and is being advanced through decentralized, regional players. It draws upon the personal stories of people who have taken the responsibility for their energy supply and the protection of their natural livelihood into their own hands. By weaving together people and places it aims to create an authentic record of our time. With a journalistic-analytical approach, supported by in-depth research, the film shows the daily struggle of activists, entrepreneurs, skeptics and critics in dealing with this energy revolution. It seeks to attract international media attention in order to project their struggle onto to the world stage.
It’s a film that aims to put an end to the doomsday scenarios and the cynical discussions over the feasibility of the energy revolution. It’s entertaining, exciting and fascinating, without succumbing to moralistic preaching. But it is irreconcilable where reconciliation is not possible.

Notes on the film...

The documentary illuminates relevant energy challenges and promotes towards a 100% renewable energy sourcing by showing concrete approaches.

The documentary is primarily focusing on Germany and the EU (using abbreviations used in the EU). This makes an implementation in Switzerland difficult.

„Power to Change“ does not take into account negative side-effects of renewable energy sourcing (e.g. toxic chemicals in batteries, the protection of birds from wind turbines, the impact of biogas and pellets on large nutrient cycles). This is reasonable if the far greater impacts caused by fossil fuels and nuclear energy are considered. It makes it however seem a campaign film.

Rating from our film jury...

Selected for the Films for the Earth Festival 2016.

“Power to Change“ raises perspectives and positive examples of a social relevant issue. The documentary is based on a solid journalistic performance.

“Power to change” is very fascinating. However, it shows a great many problems and solutions which makes it at times difficult to follow the plot.

With a high density of information and many empirical examples, the film teaches self-responsibility and responsibility towards others. Moreover, the film is inspiring and motivates the viewers to take action.

“Power to Change” is not very exciting. Cut and camerawork stand out.

Further reviews...

“…exciting, moving film with strong audio-and visual work. Elaborate and reliable research which extends to a connection between the energy transition and the refuguees' situation.” – Akzent Magazin 3/2016

“Fierce glance at alternative ideas, modernly produced.” – TV Spielfilm

“Moving, surprising and informative.” – Filmspleen.com

“We are able to follow the protagonists on an exciting journey on their individual fight for a new energy era.” – Wissen.de

“The film is thought- provoking because it also offers a range of possibilities to act for everyone.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung Extra

Power to change is reassuring and sparks courage for a future with renewable energies.“ – nationalgeographic.de

Technical information and screening rights...

Director: Carl-A. Fechner
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Run Time: 94 minutes
Age restriction: 0
Screening Rights Germany: Fechner Media
Screening Rights Switzerland: MovieBiz Films

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