Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands

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The Athabasca tar sands in Alberta are an oil reserve the size of England. Extracting crude oil that lies beneath the unspoiled wilderness requires a massive industrialized effort, effecting catastrophic damages on land, air, water, and climate. Peter Mettler shows us this extraordinary view from above, filming primarily from a helicopter to capture this breathtaking, unparalleled view of the world's largest industrial, capital and energy project. In a hypnotic flight of image and sound, Mettler explores the clash between industry and earth, and beholds the barren wasteland that is left behind.

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Awards: 1 win.
IMDb User-Rating: 7.2/10

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Director: Peter Mettler
Country: canada
Release Date: 2009
Run Time: 70 minutes
Language (Audio): English
Language (Subtitles): French

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