Transportation, food-production, resource extraction, clothing and technology - it is all based on energy. Energy is one of the most central questions on a path to a sustainable lifestyle.

Over 90 percent of today’s energy still originates from coal, gas, oil and nuclear energy. These conventional energy sources will not be able to satisfy the world population’s energy need, without seriously threatening the planetary ecosystem. The consumption and the production of these energy sources do not only increase the green house gas emissions, accompanied by an increase of temperature leading to climate warming, but also often lead to the destruction of huge landscapes, corruption, armed conflicts and radioactive contamination.

There are already numerous alternatives ad hand and at this moment we are at the turn to renewable energies for example wind, solar, biomass and water energy, which shall lead to a more decentralized energy system, more democracy, life quality and a more sustainable relation to our most precious habitat.

When it comes to how to manage a sustainable relationship to energy, we need changes to happen from an individual to an international scale. It`s one of the greatest challenges of our time!

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"The additional costs for renewable energies of today are the avoided environmental damages of and the lower energy cost of tomorrow.

We stand before the biggest economic structural change since the beginning of the industrial age." - Hermann Scheer 2004

Our Film Tips on "Energy"

Cover Into Eternity

Into Eternity

Into Eternity shows in a science fiction style, what excessive demand nuclear technology asks of humanity : the challenge to keep radioactive material from all living and away from any geological transformations for more than 100 000 years.
Cover A Road Not Taken

A Road Not Taken

Two artists follow the path to the solar cells, which have been installed on the White House in the 70’s. A creative and surprising introspection of what has been missed out on.
Cover The 4th revolution

The 4th revolution

The classic on the subject of energy transition. This film pictures Hermann Scheer`s legacy. He was one of Europe`s most remarkable solar pioneers. Extremely interesting, powerful pictures and sound portrait the worldwide democratization of energy.
Cover Gasland


In May 2008, Josh Fox, filmmaker and director, was offered 100.000 US$ in order to consent to the drilling of gas wells in his backyard…. This ended in a shaky, but Oscar-nominated film about the horrendous repercussions of fracking, which had a global impact.
Cover Gasland II

Gasland II

After a series of hostile attacks from the fracking industry, inclusively anti-gasland films, Josh Fox released the second part of his film. This part shows the corrupt ties between politicians, government agencies and the global geopolitical strategy behind fracking and its industry.
Cover A Crude Awakening

A Crude Awakening

The classic on the subject of peak oil, which tests the resistance of all central life domains against the depletion of the oil reserves. Nothing for weak nerves.
Cover Power to Change

Power to Change

Powerful, and through expressive pictures, Power to Change shows energy rebels in every social strata. The energy transition from bottoms up, the fight for electricity and the biggest interrelations on the global stage. This is the second film from the maker of the 4rth revolution.
Cover The Power of Community

The Power of Community

This movie pictures how Cuba managed to reduce its C02 emissions by 50% and how half of Havana’s vegetables grow in the city itself.

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Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

Editorial Responsibility on "Energy"

Jessica Näf is editorially responsible for the energy section on this page. She is a student in Anthropology, minors in environmental science and watches environmental documentaries passionately.

Personally I am fascinated by this subject, because it has such a far reaching influence on sustainability and on our relationship with our environment. I believe it is one of the greatest challenges of our time. If you know relevant movies or clips which aren`t on this page, or if you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact