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Does supply determine demand? Not necessarily. After all, we have the power to decide where to buy our products, what lands on our plates, what we consume every day. We have the power to withhold our purchases to encourage corporations to create sustainable, ethical products. We have more control over the markets than they give us credit for, all it takes is a bit of conscientious consumerism. There are countless alternatives to our shopping-crazed, throw-away society.

The films listed below all deal with the topic of consumerism and alternatives such as Do It Yourself, the sharing economy, or local currency. Discover an anti-consumerist, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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Our Film Tips on "Consumption + Alternatives"

Cover Tomorrow


Intelligent and entertaining, Tomorrow presents one sustainable solution after another on agriculture, energy, economy and education, unlike any other film!

Cover Plastic Planet

Plastic Planet

Werner Boote's classic documentary reveals all details about plastic: bispenol-A, plastic in the oceans, plastic-free living and much more.
Cover Good Old Growth

Good Old Growth

Is the growth model a myth? Is there an alternative? This movie shows astonishing examples of a post-consumerism society.
Cover Project Wild Thing

Project Wild Thing

What is more exiting for a child than being outdoors? David Bond want to get kids away from TVs and game consoles and creates a wild marketing project to promote this culture.
Cover Czech Dream

Czech Dream

Two students test the power of marketing and advertise an imaginary supermarket. They manipulate their whole society with it.
Cover The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff

A series of animations that portray our consumer society. From extraction to consumption to waste - the whole picture.

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Carrotmob Makes It Rain in Liquor Store

Carrotmob Makes It Rain in Liquor Store

How Organized Consumer Purchasing Can Change Business

How Organized Consumer Purchasing Can Change Business

Rebel with a cause

Rebel with a cause

Nature RX

Nature RX

Editorial Responsibility on "Consumption + Alternatives"

Less is more. Actually the whole world. Or at least a tiny bit of it. I am Alessia. As I started to change my consumerism, I became a more conscious human. My discovery of Filme für die Erde supported me on it. That is why I would like to say thank you in that way I write about sustainable topics as my heading consumtion + alternatives. To effect something. Some people. Maybe you. And you.