A journey to the edge of climate change

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It is a revolution! In the winter of 2012/13, Ride Greener and Coupdoeil dared to take the step of making the impossible become possible: they produced the first climate friendly snowboard and ski film. In “Steps”, the effects of climate change are shown in parallel with the allure of winter sports. The film pursues the question of whether or not snowboarding and skiing in today's world can be done in harmony with nature. Are you ready to get inspired?

“Steps”, a documentary and action film, dives into the world of people whose deep connection to the mountains ties them together. Worried about impending climate change, they are looking for an alternative way to pursue their passion in harmony with nature and experience the mountains in an ecologically sustainable way. Instead of flying around the world in pursuit of snow, they explore the Alps at their doorstep. They travel using public transportation and climb the highest, most impressive peaks on their own before beginning their spectacular descents and jumps. Despite all of their efforts, they reach their limits and realize the real paradox existing in doing winter sports in harmony with nature.

Notes on the film...

Well suited for winter sport freaks – astonishing and beautiful pictures as well as a good example of how to make a change.

Rating from our film jury...

Even though the relevant relationships in nature are only marginally explained, “Steps” relates well to everyones world by showing ways and possibilities to do winter sports in a sustainable manner.

The film is entertaining and very pleasant to watch, not least due to the terrific snowboarding that is shown.

Incredible motions create respect, amazement and esteem for nature. Further does the film teach the viewers both self-responsibility as well as responsibility against others.

Filming quality is thrilling: picture aesthetics lay between good and extraordinary, with some shootings being unique. Editing is well above average, camera work remarkably and soundtrack nicely chosen.

Further reviews...

Awards: Barcelona, BCN Sports Films Barcelona International FICTS Festival, Best Documentary Production 2014

Technical information and screening rights...

Director: Philipp Eyer, Stephan Hermann, Ride Greener, Coupedoeil, Sten Smola
Actors: Martin Nellen, Reto Knutti, Rene Estermann, Reto Kestenholz, Sten Smola, Raphael Imsand, Frederik Kalbermannten, Martin Seiler, Sebastian Bumann, Jurek Ruppen, Levi Luggen, Piers Solomon
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2013
Run Time: 52 Minuten
Language (Audio): German (Swiss German)
Language (Subtitles): English
Age restriction: 0
Production: Coupedoeil
World rights: Ride Greener

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Climate Sufficiency Tourism Wilderness


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scientificity+ journalistic quality

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