March of the Penguins

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Official film description...

In Antartica, every year a new quest begins for penguins to find the perfect mate and start a family. This courtship will begin with a long journey – a journey that will take them hundreds of miles across the continent by foot, in freezing cold temperatures, in brittle, icy winds and through deep, treacherous waters.

They will risk starvation and attack by dangerous predators, under the harshest conditions on earth, all to find true love.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this Oscar-winning documentary was suprisingly a box-office hit, actually outgrossing that same year's “Best Picture” nominees.

Oscar winner:
Best Documentary

Notes on the film...

The original French-language release features a first-person narrative as if the story is being told by the penguins themselves. In contrast to the French version, their English release has a third-person narrative by a single voice, actor Morgan Freeman.

Further reviews...

“Reverence for nature is abundant throughout the movie. It also teaches, through narration and filmed scenes, a sense of perseverance for animals that survive under the harshest conditions and a deep appreciation and understanding of the cycle of life: birth, life, and death.” – Common Sense Media

“Despite the obvious logistical difficulties in making this film, the result is something that’s deceptively simple yet surprisingly moving.” – The Associated Press

Technical information and screening rights...

Director: Luc Jacquet
Script: Luc Jacquet, Michel Fessler
Production: Wild Bunch, National Geographic Films, Bonne Pioche
Music: Émilie Simon (France) Alex Wurman (US)
Year: 2005
Run Time: 82 minutes
Language (Audio): English, Spanish
Language (Subtitles): English, Spanish, French

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