Arctic Tale

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Official film description...

Set in the vast snow kingdom at the top of the world “Arctic Tale” is a real life adventure from the people who brought you “March Of The Penguins”.

Join narrator Queen Latifah as she follows two very different arctic creatures Nanu the polar bear cub and Seela the walrus pup through exciting and harrowing struggles for survival. Armed only with their natural instincts and mothers' guidance these inspiring animals face countless trials and challenges in a beautiful icebound world that is rapidly melting beneath them.

Rating from our film jury...

Selected for the Films for the Earth Festival 2014.

The film explains correlations realistically. We see rarely shown pictures and get an insight into the animals’ lives at the North Pole. The journalistic performance and the documentation quality are appealing up to good, the film treats a highly relevant issue and refers to our planet as ecological basis of life.

“Arctic Tale” is an intelligent, very entertaining and tender film which stimulates mind and soul. The film clearly imparts knowledge and facts. However, the impact of human activities on our planet and our lives in general is not clearly presented.

The children’s film is very touching and awakens deep respect, astonishment and appreciation for creation, for individual expression and diversity. In addition, the film evokes empathy and compassion.

“Arctic Tale” is very well structured; the pictures and scenes reflect the content very well. The film stands out due to its unique pictures and scenes of high-quality. The remarkable camerawork and the good soundtrack make the funny but also tragic film an absolute experience.

Technical information and screening rights...

Director: Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson
Release Date: 2008
Run Time: 81 minutes
Language (Audio): German, English
Age restriction: 6

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Climate Wilderness Wildlife


entertainment value

scientificity+ journalistic quality

Transfer of a momentum

Picture, music, craftsmanship

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