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The next generations to come will play an essential role in which direction life on earth is going to develop.

Will we be able to maintain a balance between us and the surrounding nature? Will we manage to live environmentally sustainable? Or will we continue to destroy the nature surrounding us? To be sure, that the future changes into a healthy direction, already our children should experience the uniquness and beauty of our planet and that all living creatures on earth are one big ecosystem. Here we list the best movies that show the beauty and complexity of life and what makes the eart worthy of protection.

"What you loved as a child will stay in your heart until old age." - Kahlil Gibran

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Cover Seasons


'Seasons' takes us on a journey though Europe and the millennia. It shows how the changing seasons have influenced our landscape and all its inhabitants in a wonderful way with amazing visuals. Good for children.
Cover Amazonia


A capuchin monkey finds itself alone in the Amazon after a plane crash. Everything is new in this colourful and lively jungle. Without speech, a perfect movie for children.
Cover The Green Planet

The Green Planet

A spectacular journey through our forests. Personal observations of familiar species, such as fox, wild boar and red deer. But it tells also stories about rather special species as the stag beetle and ants (Myrmicinae). Very interesting for children and adults!
Cover The Fox and the Child

The Fox and the Child

A story about an extraordinary friendship between a fox and a girl, who learns that wild animals can not be tamed. Lovely music and pictures. Very touching.
Cover March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins

Antarctica, South Pole. Average temperature: -40 degrees centigrade. An exceptional animal defies the nine months of coldest winter: the Emperor penguin. The March of the Penguins shows the extraordinary life cycle in one of the loneliest parts of the world with astonishing pictures and touching music.
Cover The White Planet

The White Planet

Ice, snow, extreme cold - The White Planet is the first movie of the mostly unknown and unexplored polar region. We learn about the survival strategies of the animals and the threat of climate change on these majestic creatures.
Cover Arctic Tale

Arctic Tale

The best movie for teaching children about the effects climate change on the Arctic. Children narrate the story of a polar bear family. The 5 years of shooting of this exceptional movie totally pay off and it is also interesting for adults!
Cover Earth


An epic journey around the World, where we can follow three animal families. One of the most extensive nature documentaries, showing us pictures never seen before!
Cover Oceans


The most breathtaking documentary about oceans. Unforgettable perspectives never seen before. The making of Jacques Perrin's camera takes will stay a mystery forever. Very suitable for children!

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Melanie Aeschbach studied Biology at the Universtity of Zürich and currently also makes the teaching diploma, so she will be able to show High School students how beautiful the earth is and that it's a wonder worth saving. If you have any inputs or know of movies that would fit into this sections, feel free to contact me via Mail.