About Films for the Earth

Films for the Earth is an international competence center for environmental movies. We want to reach as many people with selected movies, share knowledge about sustainability and inspire to action.

Main objective of Films for the Earth is to contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem as the fundament of all source of life.

Films for the Earth invites people to viewings of environmental documentary films after which, visitors receive a “sharing”-DVD free of charge that is not meant to be kept, but to be shared with friends and colleagues, in order to move hundreds of other people. Everyone that receives a “sharing”-DVD becomes a “Films for the Earth ambassador”, shares knowledge with other people and raises awareness on the necessary turn towards sustainability.

Once a year Films for the Earth organises the Films for the Earth Festival, where films are showed in different cities at the same time and are connected by live broadcast. The festival takes place during one entire day with the help of hundred volunteers.

Films for the Earth regularly performs school actions. More than 1500 schools received DVDs on sustainability topics for free.

Meanwhile the website is the substantial most comprehensive web portal on films and sustainability in German.

Up to now Films for the Earch has give away 30’000 DVDs and reached therefore 300’000 people with its issues. Films for the Earth has been and is supported by more than 200 companies – in particular the main sponsor Swisscom ever since 2008 – and around 400 members.

Closer look …

Films for the Earth is a educational initiative and since 2007 a tax-exempt friendly society with its office in Winterthur nearby Zurich in Switzerland. The friendly society is structured with a board, a back office, a film jury, an editorial team and over 150 yearly volunteers that help out.

The greater aim of Films for the Earth is to contribute to the preservation of the integrity of the Earth’s ecosystem. For that aim knowledge is shared and awareness risen, with the intention to change behaviour and decrees. The film is seen as the ideal tool, because it reaches everyone and holistically moves via film, sound, history and emotion. Films for the Earth therefore uses full-length film (often cinematographic works) and short films via DVDs, cinema for free and downloads. Lean back, lean forward.

The focus of Films for the Earth is highlighting methodical, systemic, ecological central factors, to act possibly effectively. The contents are neither reactionary or activist nor agitative. Moreover they are ideologically, politically and religiously neutral. The fundamental understanding of Films for the Earth on sustainability is that the ecosystem (flora, fauna and the rest of the geosphere) is the fundamental base of the subsystems society and economy. This justifies as well the focal point on the ecology. The working culture of Films for the Earth is grassroot: and driven by engagement and hearth’s blood, committed to the matter and always personal.

The contents of the documentary films, which are showed and supported by Films for the Earth, show the impact of people on the earth (identifying problems), ways to keep on a long-term accordance with the ecosystem and the planet (solution-oriented) and/or arouse estimation for the creation. Before action, it is essential to understand what is the to be protected first, from what and how. We protect what we esteem. Overall Films for the Earth to understand coherences of the global puzzle of sustainability. All films are examined by a film jury on around for0 quality criteria and valued, then released on our website.

Films for the Earth shares knowledge, gives presents away and inspires. Films for the Earth acts as a catalyser, lens or focal point, in which important films are showed to move people gathered together and where inspiration and initiative develops for a more sustainable society.