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The most comprehensive database on films and sustainability worldwide

Find in lightspeed and with the recommendations of our filmjury and editorial teams the nature, animal or environmental documentary you search for.

Nearly 100 movies on ecology and sustainability are available as video on demand or can be streamed for free.

Movies about nature, environment, animals and sustainability

Pass knowledge, create awareness

100'000 people a year  by our sustainability movies each year: we have a yearly free dvd  for schools, lunch cinema for companies, the Earth Day couch cinema and another 100 events with partners.

We're supported by 400 members yet. Be a part of the movement!

education for sustainability

Films for the Earth Festival for 12.000 visitors in 15 cities

Each september 150 volunteers, 200 NGO's and companies work together in order to create the one of the biggest filmfestival on sustainability.

Join us as volunteers, network partner or sponsor.

Films for the Earth Festival

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