Fast Food Nation

The Truth is hard to Swallow

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Inspired by the incendiary New York Times bestseller that exposed the hidden facts behind America's fast food industry, Fast Food Nation combines an all-star ensemble cast lead by Greg Kinnear, Wilmer Valderrama and Avril Lavigne with riveting, interlocked human stories to serve up “a firecracker of a movie that jumps off the screen” (Rolling Stone). When a marketing executive (Kinnear) for the Mickey's burger chain is told there's a nasty secret ingredient in his latest culinary creation?“The Big One”? he heads for the ranches and slaughterhouses of Colorado to investigate…but discovers the truth a bit difficult to swallow.

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Director: Richard Linklater
Run Time: 108 minutes
Language (Audio): English, German
Language (Subtitles): English, German

Movie rights: Elite

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